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The Mystery of Providence
By John Flavel

Published by Kingdom Press
Epik Holdings | Kingdom Ventures

The Mystery of Providence was first published by John Flavel in 1678. The book’s overall theme is based on Psalm 57:2. Rev. John Flavel (1627-1691) was an English Puritan minister, writer and theologian committed to the teaching of the Protestant Reformation. He believed in the biblical truth of the profound balance between God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility—in submission to the will and designs of God in our lives. Flavel’s approach to the subject of Providence was not always the most popular in that it is the duty of believers to observe all the performances of God’s providence for them, especially amidst trials and suffering. When John Flavel writes regarding the Providence of God, he does not simply provide truth, he writes in a captivating way out of a full heart and experiences of the trials and triumphs of life on this side of eternity. He knows from Church history and from his own experience of the works of God on behalf of His people. Above all, he was intimately acquainted with the Word of God and seasoned in its application. His treatise is designed to abase man and exalt God, and yet composed to excite faith and adoration in the heart of every child of God.
The Mystery of Providence will undoubtedly bring Christian believers into a deep consideration of God’s work of instruction and preservation in their lives. We are confident it will also prompt life-changing reflection on how we may live consecrated and victorious lives? Flavel reveals that it is the duty of believers to observe all the performances of God’s providence for them, especially when they are in difficulties. Clearly, this conviction is not shared by the majority of evangelical Christians in the present day. Let us learn that, in an ultimate sense, we can never be outside of the will of God. Flavel would teach us that God’s will for us is to be found in His Word and reflected in His providence in our lives.

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